WordPress 3.4 is available

With this humble message

mensaje que indica que WordPress 3.4 ya está disponible

that appears in the upper part of our CMS, we are informed about the news of the month: since yesterday, 13th june, there’s a new update for the world’s number one CMS: WordPress.

In order to present a brief  summary of the features it adds, the organization has made a very illustrative promotional video of the most awaited features by any content editor that uses WordPress:

Twitter integration

One of the most awaited novelties is the Twitter integration in the code of the editor, that means, the options that the text and the rest of the information and the format of a specific tweet appear embedded in the content of a post the most possible resembling as it would be seen in Twitter. Here’s an example:

Integración de Twitter en WordPress 3.4


This new functionality brings WordPress nearer to other platforms later born, like Storify, which precisely base their proposal in the soft integration of content that the author of the text takes from Twitter, Youtube, others blogs or websites, etc. In the end, there is more and more content which is exclusively published in social networks, and from and editor point of view, those messages are very valuable in order to deal with day to day topics.

To treat fundamental issues Google+ is being furtherly developed, but it doesn’t seem that integration with this social network (same goes for Facebook) will be possible or even needed in WordPress because of the privacy of most of the content and messages published by their users. About enterprise social network usages and integration in the future… Who knows?

Right now, just a couple of days ago Facebook engineers presented us with a WordPress plugins that allows, among other things, to publish automatically in Facebook published posts at our WordPress platform, show in our blog our last Facebook messages, etc.

Heading design improvements

When the goal is to achieve maximum customization of our page or blog based on a CMS, like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, the task of the designer is not SO easy. With the pass of years, WordPress has become more manageable and adaptable to any kind of design you might want to achieve, but even then, instead of trying to get the most of it, many of their users just feel fine with the default look of this powerful CMS.

Wordpress 3.4It’s interesting to see that WordPress 3.4 add various options related to heading design. Now, for example, we can show images from our media library as the header image. With this and the options to change the size among other options, your design will be more flexible. The aforementioned video shows all these new features in use.


There are many polls being conducted in the different WordPress country-specific sites in order to ask about this new functionality, which seems in fact the preferred one.

These new features, among other new theme customization options multiply the flexibility of WordPress that we had until now.

Improved internationalization and technology

Finally, one of the improvements which will have higher impact is the possibility of maintaining a website with its content in multiple languages.

This is precisely one of the common features we are requested by our clients. In a global environment every company needs to show their contents to the maximum possible audience, hence the need of multilingual websites.

These improvement, added to the large list of changes in their CMS technology ( you the whole list in here ), make this new 3.4 WordPress version an step forward bigger than previous versions (like 3.3), which in my humble opinion weren’t so interesting.

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