Welcome, Harley!

Recently, less than one month ago, we have migrated the major part of our services and data to the cloud. We threw away the servers we had at the office and just kept a new one, obviously with reduced tasks and less power in all senses than the former ones.

To celebrate this change properly we decided to abandon a practice we had followed from our first times on and stop naming our servers using the rule “NEX” plus a serial number. For instance, our penultimate local servers was called NEXTWENTYNINE (NEX29), and the last one, the server that breaks the tradition, was named as … HARLEY! (I just wrote ! down here, is not part of the server’s name, as a drumroll or a manycolored fireworks).

Harley has been named thus due to the motor cycles brand, of course, because it wears a plate in its frontal face which makes us think of Harley Davidson’s logo:


For those unbelievers, another shot with both logos side by side:


Come on, don’t say they are not mostly the same!

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