Web development

To make your website perform its function within the overall action plan for your company is essential that its contents to best serve the interests of a public that changes from day to day. So you need a bold design and functional at the same time, along with a technical background to make your web site fast, interesting and addictive.

desarrollo web

We are experts in open technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery and HTML5.

How to achieve that?

It’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed by the weight of this multitude of things to do. But for years as an active and attractive on the Internet is essential for businesses large and small, so there are plenty of companies that can support you.

NEX is distinguished from others in our business experience, because we have business consultants when others do not usually have them, for our technical expertise, we took eight years for creating web sites for companies, and our flexibility to adapt to specific circumstances each project.

In addition to project management and inbound marketing services (SEO consulting to improve SEO, advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, marketing on Twitter), we conducted our main work, web development, thanks to a team of developers experts in the technologies most widely used open Internet: PHP, mySQL, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5.

When functional simplicity and speed are key development is not feasible and web development, we propose to use the WordPress CMS, one of the most widely used worldwide. And when the decisive factor is the breadth of functionality that will be required for the web application, we propose Symfony development platform.

For all this we can guarantee our customers reliable web development, scalable (can grow without shackles of technology) and conforming to the characteristics of your business.

Also for design and advertising agencies

Aware that there are many advertising agencies and independent design of high quality, but they do not have web development professionals at the same height, or that need to supplement their staff temporarily working with companies like NEX in large projects, offer flexible hiring formulas under which our professionals can fit into those tasks that provide more value.

Whether it is developing a whole new website, and the ephemeral web page development for new product introductions or support promotional campaigns of limited duration, as in the case of implementing concrete changes in websites active, NEX know how to provide a more quality to each project.

Furthermore, this year 2013 we offer a cash discount of 5% (ie 5% will pay less if you pay your bill within 30 days) and a payment plan comfortable and flexible, is not really easy to work with us?

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