Software Development

As mentioned elsewhere in our site, Usually implementing any web project involves a partial or complete renewing existing website, create a new website or a complex enterprise application from scratch, develop a blog or a microsite for a campaign or a specific product, improve positioning seekers, launched an online store, or several of these actions at the same time.

The web development team available to NEX, formed jointly by professionals and a broad and dynamic network of independent professionals, allows you to make your projects on schedule and cost adjusted to the real possibilities of your business.

Working this way we avoid the common mistake of offering our customers know what we do rather than what they really need, and instead, we focus on incorporating performing the task at hand the talent that best fits you.

NEX offers flexible hiring a formula under which we can adapt to the specific needs of each project. Thus usually collaborate with advertising and marketing agencies in carrying out those tasks in which our technical professionals bring extra value.

We can also assist in coordinating tasks and project management teams. We can also adjust our deadlines to the times that suit you most, and arrange a payment plan for your business and comfortable for us.

And now, NEX offers a cash discount of 5% to all customers (under a general condition of payment to 30 days).

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