March 2013, Barcelona


Metamorphosis: process of form alteration that may affect an object, alive or not. In general it carries a radical transformation of that object’s functions, as it happens with caterpillars when they become butterflies: they just go flying.

In NEX we are living a transformation right now, a metamorphosis. We are disposing of left over things and we are changing. Our transformation is radical but it is different of what caterpillars live because of our destiny, since we are stepping forward to recover our original form and function: to be a software development study.

Metaphor: identification between two terms in a way that by naming one of them you are also referring to the other. In agile or extreme programming, metaphor is also a name or a short sentence that explain what the code to be developed should do.

In this transformation process we are immerse in, we are also using a metaphor: Nex Software has to help our customers to get useful, comprehensible and adaptable applications.

  • Useful because they do what they are expected to, and in a profitable way.
  • Comprehensible because they are easy to use thanks to be developed after having listened to the people that will use them. Out there is still too much software left that was produced according to the virtues and deffects of whom thought and produced it, but not according to whom needed to use it.
  • Adaptable to any device, in coexistence with other applications when needed, and able to change reasonibly well with changes in the scenario they were supposed to work in.

To achieve the ultimate purpose of this transformation, of this metaphor, we will get rid off some activities that we have been doing, with less success than we expected. Because these activities often were profitable, but also moved us aside from our raison d’etre: the merger of technology and business keeping also in mind the excellence.

Since we do know develop software quite well and do we know business from the inside. We started our professional career programming and deploying ERPs (business management applications) in mid-sized companies, that is our origin and the reason of our double personality. And it is our double personality what separates us from the major part of our competitors and makes us different.

Metabaron: mythical lineage of perfect warriors, born from the mighty imagination of  Alejandro Jodorowsky.


Inspiration is everywhere, and for us comic-books are one of our inspiration sources. We will talk about some of these inspiration sources in our blog, which will also transform and will stop being a compendium of news taken from other media to become a logbook of our work.

NEX is not only a software development study, is the result of what we do those who work here. Every people is important and makes her mark, becasue every one is unrepeatable.

NOTE: the images of The caste of the Metabarons are owned by their authors and are reproduced here without permission.

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