Social networks

The rapid growth they are having Facebook, Twitter and, to a lesser extent, Tuenti, as communication platforms to connect with their audience has led companies to have to keep permanently the reputation of their brands in social networks, acting as his image or actions are canceled out by negative comments and, at the same time linking their brands with their audience to become followers.

redes sociales

Increasingly, social networks influence the reputation and success of the company.

All this has given birth to a new aspect of marketing, social media marketing and social media marketing. Maintaining a consistent presence in all media platforms (web, blog, social networking) with small budgets can take advantage of connection options between social networks and your website or blog.

NEX offers its full service social media marketing:

  • Register and manage multiple profiles on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Social networking integration on your website or blog.
  • Design and implementation of your Facebook page.
  • Statistical monitoring.

Follow our blog to keep up with the changes that take place daily in social networks and their implications, increasingly important in marketing and public relations of each company.

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