A replacement for the Wicket Twitter Widget

I’m not going into many details, but some time ago, Jetpack decided to cut the development of some of their WordPress plugins. One of the best twitter widgets available for displaying feeds was going to die (worth to mention this post: http://krogsgard.com/2012/jetpack/).

That happened not long ago (past week?) when Twitter decided to no longer support their v1 API, making mandatory to use v1.1.

After a few google searches, tries and bounces, i found this github project:

Which already has a plugin posted in WordPress dot org at:


Code is completely different approach, but the aim and many of the principles are the same, display your feed and select the number of tweets you want to show.

If you want to show the user profile image, you can add it just by hacking 1 line of code  (#80) of the  rapid-twitter-widget-min.js file (but you’ll have to reminify):

the_html += '"><img alt="" src="'+ use_tweet.user.profile_image_url +'" />';

And modify the rapid-twitter-widget.php file (line #572), in order to get an untrimmed list of the twitter user data:

'trim_user' => 'false'

I think you could even do it with js and the tweets object if you don’t want to hack these files !

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